Conveyors Stand out on Tripods

C-Trak have just finished a bottling conveyor for a regular customer it was to manufacture an “S” shape modular belt conveyor handling bottles as drawing feeding from the filler to the existing rotary table.

Product:           Various full bottles

Belt Speed:       22 m/min

Bottle handling Conveyor

C-Trak Conveyors

Scope of Supply:

1 off Blue Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor  100mm wide x1000mm long x 90 deg bend x 940mm long x 90 deg bend x 2380mm long x 900mm high supplied with adjustable single rod side guides on straight sections  fixed on bends.

The Conveyor was mounted on  tripod supports and supplied with adjustable feet +50mm.

A shaft mounted geared motor drive unit was included and is positioned down from the discharge end on the Left Hand from the infeed end.

General construction is grade 304 stainless steel and food quality materials where possible.

This is one of many C-Trak Projects for more information on Conveyors please visit the website at

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