Heat Resistant Belt Conveyors

Got a problem with your existing conveyors and can’t find a reliable conveyor manufacturer that can handle high temperature products. then let us help you.

We can supply high temperature conveyors using a variety of belting products that are easy to clean, non-stick with low friction and food approved.

It’s not just fabricating a conveyor that we are good at one of the most important factors is selecting the correct type of belt to handle your products. C-Trak Conveyors have many years experience and have a technical department here to help you.

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High Temp Conveyor Belt

High Temp Conveyor Belt

Custom Built Conveyors

What is a bespoke conveyor?

Each and every company have different requirements for their material handling of products, which is why C-Trak have custom-built conveyors designed and fabricated with the materials needed for you the customer.

People often ask for a standard conveyor well really there isnt one as length, width and depth change as well as the materials to build they may  need stainless steel for a food application or it may require heavy duty mild steel for the more industrial type of project.

This  is why we take the time to visit your premises and analyse your particular needs so you get the bespoke conveyor best suited to you and a price within your budget.

Any type of conveyor can be made but what is important is the experience and advice that goes behind it.

custom built conveyor

custom built conveyor

Easy Clean Conveyors

I need a conveyor that is easy to clean!!! How often do we hear that. We can provide you with a very hygienic conveyor suitable for the pharmaceutical food and beverage industry were sanitation and cleanliness are essential.

This can be achieved by adding an internal high pressured jet spray using plastic belts that can withstand this treatment this is a new design from C-Trak.

If your l@@king for a Easy Clean Conveyor then give us a call on 01525 850316 and we can give you a no obligation quote.

C-Trak Grip Top Belts

Why not take a look at one of C-Traks latest Conveyor Designs.

manufactured for an existing client in the bakery sector. This Grip Top Belt Conveyor was bespoke for transporting packaged sausage rolls in a food factory. This is one of many conveyors supplied to this customer who uses us on a regular basis. Why not check out our client testimonial page so you can see what our customers think of us by clicking here

We have been in the conveyor business for over 30 years and have an abundance of experience so why not let us help you with your next material handling project.

Grip Top Modular Belt Conveyor

Grip Top Modular Belt Conveyor

Conveyors for optical equipment and lens

L@@king for a hygienic conveyor system then read on.

New line of conveyors are a clear vision for Conveyor Systems. Why not let us come up with a solution for your optical conveyor. If cross contamination and hygiene are important to you then you should take the time and read up on our range of pharmaceutical, clean room and optical lens conveyor solutions.

Dont struggle alone let one of our experience sales executive help you along the way with new idea concepts for your production line.