Sloping Angled Conveyors

To manufacture an sloping belt conveyor taking hand fed waste goods at a steep angle over a wall and into a mixer unit. Continue reading

Inspection Reject Conveyor System

C-Trak have just completed a brand new design for a reject twin belt grip conveyor for an inspection area.

This grip belt can be adjusted to suit various products with its unique adjustable sides which can be changed in a matter of seconds. Check out our video on YouTube.

It then passes onto a mini conveyor.

We welcome a challenge and would like you to test our knowledge on reject inpection conveyors call us now on 01525 850316

Grip Faced Inspection Conveyor for Reject System

Grip Faced Inspection Conveyor for Reject System

Confectionery Conveyor

C-Trak over the 30 years in business have designed and fabricated many confectionery conveyors. Each project is assessed and a bespoke conveyor is designed just for your products making it a cost-effective solution.

We can come and visit your premises to access your needs and give you the correct belting and confectionery conveyor advice.

Call us now for your solution to sticky products like toffee and candy. on 01525 850316