Linking Up at C-Trak Ltd

If you want to move your products from one end of your factory to another why not take a look at our chain conveyor  products.

Simple but effective solutions for your material handling, designed and fabricated at our Leighton Buzzard Site in Bedfordshire.

“C-Trak could save you money “

Chain Pallet Conveyor

Chain Pallet Conveyor

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Linking up at C-Trak

Catch Your Products with Flights

It’s all down hill well not with C-Trak let them elevate your products to new heights and send your sales sky-high!!

We have a range of quality incline Conveyors that will handle your products effortlessly increasing your production therefore giving you a better profit.

All of our incline and decline conveyors are purpose-built for our clients.

Let us have the opportunity to give you a competitive quote for elevating your products.

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incline conveyor

Food Incline Conveyor

Power Conveyor

Get the power behind you with one of C-Traks Power Conveyor Systems. Replace the excessive labour charges or manually loading your gravity conveyors ” Secure Your Company’s Future and Invest in our Products”

We can design, fabricate and install your powered conveyor with the minimum of down time to your production line.

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Case Study on Wide Conveyors

C-Trak were contacted by a company than needed to transport PVC Bags.

After a site visit to analise our customers requirements we came up with a design for a wide conveyor manufactured in Stainless Steel.

It was supplied with a white polyurethane belt with a central tracking strip.

C-Trak can design and manufacture any type of conveyor for your material handling increasing your plant efficiency and reducing operation costs.

Secure your companies future and invest in one of our conveyors!

Wide Conveyor Belt

C-Trak Case Study on a Wide Belt Conveyor

Farm Conveyors

Having problems with your food production on your farm then why not let C-Trak come and analyse your material handling process and design you a tailor-made farm conveyor just for you.

This service is free and we can provide you with a no obligation quote.

We have been manufacturing conveyors for over 3 decades and are sure we can come up with the best possible solution for your products, making your handling cost-effective and save on manual labour